Try, try again

The Moebius I wrote about starting early last month, posted here , has been a far greater challenge than expected. Since I wasn’t really following a pattern, having watched only Cat Bordhi’s cast-on, I decided that 196 was a good number for the cowl. Initially it was coming along great. Mostly it was worked on when out walking.

After 6 rows (essentially 12, the nature of a Moebius!) I switched from straight knitting and purled the next 6 rows when I saw that the was it was developing would have made half the rows purled and half the rows knit and I didn’t want the separate looking halves. Purling slowed down the process as well as the bulk of material on the circs. I was constantly pushing the material along the circs to bring it around so the next few inches of stitches could be worked.

When the ball of yarn started quickly diminishing the bind-off process began, until about a 1/3rd of the way around I didn’t like the way the edges were curling in. It was unbound back to the beginning of the round then the process began again except this time doing a purled bind-off. 200 stitches of trying to bind off evenly and loosely was slow going. This time I was close to half way done when I realized there was no way I had enough yarn to finish.

Again, tinking back, and back, twice around determined to have plenty of yarn for another go. This time I grabbed a 5.5mm crochet hook for quicker binding off.

Thursday night, with close to 2/3rds bound off, I knew. The yarn was running out again! I’m stunned that my calculations of how much I’d need to bind off the Moebius was once again wrong. I’d always figured that 4x the length would be adequate. It’s not.

Now I’m debating: rip back 3 rounds (600 stitches) then bind off, or simply frog the entire thing? It’s narrower, and longer than I’d wanted; wrapped twice it doesn’t snuggly around the neck. If I start over I’d cast on 150 stitches thus getting a slightly wider end result.
So much for a quick knit! I think it needs to go in time out while I knit or crochet a hat for Wesley! After all, we’re now in the month of Christmas and a few gifts need to get made.

This morning we decorated the church for Advent/Christmas which got me to thinking about putting out a few decorations then adding a few more each week as we anticipate celebrating Christ’s birth. Youngest granddaughter and the tree they decorated at her home today.
I intend to continue practicing being grateful each day.
Grateful for
  – this season when we wait, filled with hope in the Promise.

Small Joys

After some rain last night this morning was cold with gusts of swirly winds, not conducive to spinning fiber outside. Instead, one of the knitting projects went for a walk about town.
Not much progress on the moebius with the silk scarf getting the knitting time lately.

Grateful for easy projects to work on when walking.

As we reached where the pavement turns to gravel a gust of wind shook a swirl of leaves off their branches. By the time the picture was snapped most of the leaves were no longer airborne .

Grateful for 
the unexpected joy of dancing leaves.

The red combs of the chickens feeding under late red apples dangling from a tree  was the next photo op.
Their attention zeroed in on Shayna, the Irish Wolfhound, who was sniffing at the fenced corner of their yard. They weren’t chicken enough to run away, no, they moved closer towards her, alert to her every move.

From the back of the pack, out of sight in the photo above, strutted the fine specimen of a chicken.

Grateful for the small, seemingly inconsequential things in life that provide moments of heart warming joy.