Showing Support

The bumpy landscape of the chocolate cake didn’t put off the Wednesday dinner crew. The report was that they devoured it in record time.

Shortly before 8am the phone rang: the police contact for one of the families who considered themselves as Daniel’s parent had called to let them know he’d be canvasing the neighborhood today, passing out flyers, and talking to people. Could Daniel’s friends come help and be visible representatives that his life mattered.

Wednesday is normally a slower day. A day for contemplating, thinking, praying and being more than doing. I like to take an extra long walk with my neighbor before settling into any “must-do” work tasks followed by reading and preparing for Sunday, and taking time to be quiet all evening while Ed is away.  When the call came I immediately knew I needed to go. I called one of Daniel’s good friends and we headed up to Portland.

Arriving in the unfamiliar area of North Portland, there was already a number of people including the very kind, knowledgeable policeman who gave us an update on what they’ve determined so far, including that evidence showed the driver was traveling over 60 miles an hour when he swerved out of his lane, into the bike path hitting Daniel then continuing at high speed along the 35mph, 2-lane road.

Taking flyers to all the businesses of this mixed neighborhood full of mom-pop businesses and residential houses we encountered caring and kind people everywhere. One woman even rushed out of her house to ask for flyers to pass out too. She’d recognized Daniel’s girlfriend, Daria, from an interview she’d given on the news yesterday.

We were all thankful for a sunny day with no wind! Yesterday it poured a cold rain most of the day. Tomorrow another storm is moving in. Today was one of those jewels of an autumn day.

Thanks for reading these non-cheerful posts that I’ve been writing lately.
Tomorrow I plan to post some of the spinning I’ve been doing.

I had enough of the handspun yarn left to knit a headband/earwarmers to go with the fingerless mitts. I’m tempted to keep the set for morning walks. If the temps aren’t below 45F I like ear warmers rather than a hat which can get too hot.
Grateful for:
– a smooth trip to N Portland and back without any traffic delays
– warmth of the sun while walking the streets for almost 3 hours
– the cup of comforting cinnamon/vanilla tea beside me
– strangers who are kind and caring
-a time of serene spinning this evening


Finished Mitts

The fingerless mitts are finished.
There were a number of false starts before finally settling on a pattern that shows off their beautiful color.
Pattern: Amanda’s Christmas Wristlets  with several modifications, including adding 3 ss rows and 2 ribbed on the thumbs; extending the length at the wrist and hand; changing from US6 / 4mm to US 5 / 3.75mm needles for the ribbing at the fingers.

Once the pattern and yarn began getting along nicely they knit up quicker than I’d hoped. I just might cast on for another pair. Or two.

Yarn spun out of  Picperfic  fiber titled Wylie a delicious blend of 60% Polwarth, 20% Yak, 20% Mulberry Silk. Colourway: Doris
Chain-plyed to keep the colors together.
(If you missed reading what I wrote about spinning the yarn and want to know more details here’s the post.)

With only 6 days left in November I’d best get cracking on what to spin for the YarnTools Ravelry December Challenge. If you love spinning with one of our Jenkins spindles and you haven’t joined the forum please do! We’d love to have you.

Our three year old cat approves of the mitts.
Grateful for:
– a pleasant, busy work day
– encouragement from friends
– the slant of the sun against glowing yellow and red leaves
– the ability to bring a bit of joy into a life of someone who’s life turned upside-down.
– good health!