Spinning a Move

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It’s not fair to snap a picture of small portion of project from handspun yarn and expect people to guess what it was with nary a clue. It’s a sorry part of my nature to want to keep people guessing. Drives Ed crazy.

It will be a hairpin lace Ruana, pattern by Oat Couture. The only thing slowing me down is spinning the yarn. But since I’m in the Tour de Fleece it’s a great daily spin. Four completed strips are finished so far (three have been joined the fourth is laid out ready to loop onto the third) and one of our Jenkins hairpin looms used to make it.
Handspun Hairpin Lace Ruana
Each hairpin strip takes only an hour – it’s so quick and mindless. I’m so excited about the process and the looks that I just may end up making another Ruana, only the next time I plan to buy the yarn first.

Here are a couple pictures from the spinning day at the Mission Mills Museum in Salem last Wednesday.
Jason Lee House
This is the Jason Lee house which was built in 1841, the oldest frame house still standing in the Pacific Northwest. I realize that’s not old compared to places on the east coast and especially in Europe and other lands of old civilizations. Jason Lee set up a Methodist Mission on these grounds beginning in 1834. He had a strong sense of formal education, industry, and large scale agriculture on this fertile Willamette Valley ground.

These girls were two of the dozen participating in the week long “Pioneer Players Camp” at the museum. They were giggling and having fun dressed in period clothes, learning hand crafts, and playing old fashioned games.

I have socks on the needles! Pictures next time.

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