Slogging away

Thank you for all the well wishes. I’m hoping in the morning I’ll be able to properly acknowledge them as each person’s comment makes my heart glow.

The bug has morphed into a full-blown cold. My nose is sore from blowing and hands rough from constant washing. A cough plagued my sleep last night. I’ll resort to cough syrup and throat lozenges tonight. Today’s anticipated bike ride in the afternoon sun at Minto-Brown Island Park was scrubbed in favor of staying inside.

Gracious, I didn’t even log into Facebook today.

Despite feeling rather miserable I managed to doggedly get work done. Photos were edited, marked and upload the spindles into the store for today & tomorrow’s scheduled appearances. All the recording and paperwork was completed for today’s sales. With tomorrow’s spindles already queued and scheduled I’m hoping that other than minding the store when the spindles go online and recording sales I’ll be able to get more rest tomorrow.

Here’s hoping for rest and to feel better soon. Aside from work and regular obligations, there’s music to practice for upcoming celebrations. I tried practicing for a bit today but simply did not have the energy for holding up the violin and working the bow. We have our first practice Sunday afternoon for the Dec 12th Christmas Sing-Along. You all are welcome to join us!



Giving thanks

Despite feeling poorly with this sore throat, runny nose, and ringing ears, I’m very thankful that we’d settled on having a low-keyed Thanksgiving this year with just our daughter’s family coming for dinner. Several times during the morning preparations I dreamed of crawling into bed but kept managing to move from task to task.

I’m thankful that Ed helped in small ways which seemed big in the scheme of things. Aurora arrived a few minutes before the turkey was ready to come out of the oven, just in time to help with the last 20 minute round up of food. Clean up was manageable with her “lets-get-this-done” attitude and efficiency.

I’m thankful for the warmth of family, the blessing of good food, a place that we’ve called home for 28 years, relatively good health, and the abundant grace of God.

I’m hoping that I’ll have a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling much better tomorrow.

I’m thankful for a hot shower that is waiting and a comfortable, warm bed to sleep in tonight as the temps again drop into the 20’s F.

I’m so very grateful for the relative peace that we enjoy and earnestly pray for all those whose lives are torn apart by people wanting power and control. My heart goes out to those who don’t have a home to keep them warm and sheltered, with food at hand for nourishment and easily accessible water to quench their thirst. It is humbling to know that but for a different birth or circumstances I could be facing such hardships.

I’m thankful for all the friends worldwide who still read, and leave comments on this blog.

Thank you!
Picture taken early one glorious morning a few weeks ago.

Day before Thanksgiving

Rolls and a pecan pie are cooling on the table. The list of dishes and a timetable for when each one needs to be started is clipped to the fridge. The turkey is about all thawed out and will be put into the oven early in the morning.

An unplanned trip to Salem to pick up a new lens for my glasses, necessitating an hour’s wait while they were fitted to my frames took a huge bite out of a carefully planned day. When Ed and I picked up our new glasses a couple weeks ago it wasn’t until we were driving home that I discovered the vision in my right eye wasn’t nearly as clear of that of the left eye. I took them back last week when we were in town and was told they probably wouldn’t be ready until after Thanksgiving.

Yesterday afternoon I had to take Ebo in to the vet to get checked and shots. Another unplanned excursion which we’d planned to take care of next week but he’s had the runs for several days. The vet gave him a dose of worm medication as well as his first vaccination and set us home with some probiotics to help his gut.

So, I’m not nearly as far along with editing spindle pictures and uploading them to the webstore to be scheduled for appearing on Friday and Saturday. That task was supposed to be finished by mid-afternoon today so I could concentrate on fixing Thanksgiving Dinner and then relaxing with family tomorrow. Now I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to them. I know it’ll all work out in the long run.

For the most part I am feeling thankful for all our blessings, and I’m looking forward to having our daughter’s family come for dinner tomorrow.

Unfortunately by mid-afternoon my throat started tightening and now it’s developed into a full-blown sore throat, along with a very stuffy head.

Heading to bed now and hoping for a good night’s sleep that will have me waking up at 5am feeling much better.

I very thankful for the snow that’s been falling on the mountains! To the left is Mt St Helens, Mt Rainer is in the far distance towards the right.


Zooming in across the miles for a closer glimpse of grand Mt Rainer in the glow of the early morning sun.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! If you live where it’s not observed,  it’s still good to be thankful!

A Good Day

It’s been a good day. Church service was followed with a nice Thanksgiving potluck.

There was more chatting, some knitting, and  spinning this evening with our friend, Allison.

We looked through my basket of top-whorl spindles. It’s a lovely collection which, sadly, are rarely spun as I usually gravitate to one of Ed’s spindles. There’s just something about the Turkish style that I love.

Allison is still threatening to slip Ebo under her coat when she leaves in a day or two.

Feeling very grateful, for many blessings, this evening.

Restful Sunday

After church was over this day was spent lazying around.

The first sock was grafted and the ends woven in before casting on and knitting several inches on the second sock.

Reading, listening to music, a nap, watching some tv with Ed, and a bit of spinning rounded out this good day.

Walking past the French door in the kitchen after my nap, the whoosh, whir, and vibration of 48 wings startled me. My movement had startled the some two dozen doves feeding in our backyard just beyond the porch. It’s a sight to see that many doves explode up into the sky from quietly feeding. Daily they come to feed, as many as 27. They’re getting less nervous of our movements within the house but they are still very flighty when spooked.

I’ve tried capturing a picture of them but they don’t want to stay on the ground for long when they become aware of the camera. This shows just a portion of them. I keep hoping to get them all in a picture.
DSC00893I hope you had a gentle, peaceful Sunday.

Cat’s Paws

We did it! The number didn’t hit 111,000 until sometime between 10 – 11:30 am today but hey, what close timing. Thanks to all who’ve commented in the past day.
Comments for the drawing may still be made, be sure to put it in the 11.11 post to count and it must be submitted before 8 pm (Pacific Time) Friday the 13th.

Monday a friend called asking if Ed was still looking for a kitten. Yes, though we weren’t in a hurry. We wanted to take it slow and find the kitty that also made it clear s/he wanted us. She emailed me a picture of the kitten that had apparently been abandoned the night before at the retirement center where she worked. It hung around all night then followed a worker into the office that morning. It’d been having a field day on the receptionist’s desk for much of the day.

Seeing an expression of personality on the kitty’s face I let her know I’d be over to see it as soon as I finished my work for the day.

He just now scrambled up into my lap and deleted a few words. This kitty is a people lover! Whether in the office or siitting at the table weighing and writing on spindles he wants to be on my lap. Ed’s lap is just as good, maybe better. He plays hard and sleeps hard. Last night we decided to see what he’d do if he wasn’t crated during the night. I’d no sooner climbed between the sheets then he was in the crook of my back.

He’s also very intrigued with fiber, needles, spindles… I’ve had to be certain that all temptation is out of his reach but my, he’s a climber! He thinks I’m knitting socks for him to chew.

He hasn’t quite declared his name though it won’t be long before we know what to call him by. We think it might be something along the lines of feet, paws, or toes. Check out this back paw:

All of his feet have extra toes; one front paw even has seven claws!