Thirty day success

Whew! Thirty days of posting has been accomplished. A number of days it was hard making the time or finding the words to write. An outline of a subject plan at the beginning of November would have helped but that’s not the way my brain tends to work. Organization has never been a strength, I love organized environments but I’m sadly lacking in the knowing how to get organized. Both my mom and dad were orderly, organized people. How did I miss out?

When our kids were in elementary school I was the 1st grade classroom assistant for a couple of years. The teacher was a very organized person whom I enjoyed working with, not just for her pleasant, easy going personality, but because she was masterful in keeping a tidy, well-organized, user-friendly classroom. During that time I realized that inside I’m an organized person who can’t figure out how to get organized.

My office is a quite chaotic. I’ve tried to reorganize it only to end up spinning my wheels. (Not in the fiber sense.) I’d like to take the time in December to work my way all around it starting in one corner and get it organized so I’m more efficient. (Which will take organizing my time – another deficiency in my life.) Then I need to tackle the filing cabinet. My methods are too scattered. I need an organizational coach! As a 50th birthday gift a dear friend from Texas came for a visit and to help me to organize my cabinets and office. She arrived with printed labels ready and a master sheet to work from. We ended up running off to the coast to play. Considering that we hadn’t seen each other in about 10 years who could blame us!

December tends to be a very busy month, starting already with our band playing for the town’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the city park tomorrow evening. Saturday afternoon we’ll decorate the church for and have a long rehearsal/practice for the sing-along on the 10th. I’ve been terrible at practicing for it this year and must buckle down to some serious work on a few of the trickier songs that I don’t have music for, which we’ve transposed to more singable keys.

I’m still hoping to spin and knit hats for the grandkids in time for Christmas. It’ll be interesting to see how far I get. Lately all I’ve wanted to do is spin. My knitting mojo has disappeared.

Rather than posting every day I’d like to continue posting two or three times per week. We’ll see. The blog is a wonderful way of keeping track of what’s happening and I’d like to keep it up more consistently.

Meanwhile, this happened in November:
dsc04505 dsc04506Just as the odometer moved across the 100,000 mile mark and keeps rolling steadily along I can keep moving forward with my goals.

Posting daily has proven that I can do something when I set my mind to it, am disciplined and make the effort. I need to keep applying that determined focus to the areas in my life / house that need to be organized. Here’s to a productive December!

Thank you for reading along through these 30 days of November!