Splendor of clouds

Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere I’ve looked at clouds that way.
(Lyrics from Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell)

During our walk looking at the changing splendor of the clouds my neighbor and I mused if our Creator enjoys arranging the clouds from time to time. All these pictures were taken within the span of an hour’s walk.
The first picture above was the last one to be taken as the storm moved to the north of us.

Grateful for:
– The ever changing, fascinating clouds.
– The sudden cessation of and 8am downpour just before heading out the door to walk this morning.
– Warm temperatures this week.
– Finishing the wristlets.
– An understanding husband.


Duck Walk Wednesday

Rains have been falling all day. Shortly after eight this morning I looked out the window to the thick clouds still dropping their load with no let-up in sight. Contemplating how nice it would be to stay inside all day I almost called JG to beg off walking.

Winter is still a month away and here I am already wanting to wimp out of walking because of rain? No way.

Meeting up with JG, first thing out of her mouth was that she’d almost called me to tell me it was too wet to walk.

We walked through rain that seeps everywhere drenching everything; the chickens scratching for food, scurrying squirrels, the Springer Spaniel that came out to greet us, birds at feeders.

Oregonians don’t use an umbrella when walking in the rain as attested by one of the regular fellows who we usually meet coming or going on the hill.
Just give us a good jacket with a hood!

Coming down C St we spied a flock (a brace, a plump) of Mallards meandering across the road.
Apparently there was something delicious in the mud puddle on the other side that attracted them to bow their heads and feast.
It wasn’t until we were within 15 feet of them that they grew nervous of the dog, Seana, and reluctantly moved away. I was intrigued to see that they were almost all drakes, only three or four females in the group of a dozen or so.

The final three that didn’t spook and fly off as we walked behind them down the road.

Grateful for the rains that contribute to western Oregon beauty and abundance.
Grateful for the colorful Mallards.
Grateful for the warmth of a wood stove.

The Beauty Around Us

Snowflake, the new kitty I wrote about on Nov 2  is somewhere around 7 months, today was his appointment with the vet.

We borrowed a cozy cloth kitty carrier a couple days ago and placed it where he could access it at will. When it came time to take him to town this morning he didn’t make a fuss, or a noise.

We’ve had two days of blustery weather, winds and pelting rains then the winds would part the clouds, sweep them into intriguing formations in an ever changing sky full of reflecting light and shadows.

Driving home this afternoon, after retrieving Snowflake, the clarity of the distant mountains captured my attention. I turned onto a lesser used farm road in search of a good place to pull over and gaze at them.
Can you make out the ridges, folds, and basins, the snow on the highest levels? The picture doesn’t do justice to the grandeur of the sharp details of the mountains that I gazed at this afternoon.

I only wish had taken my trusty old Sony camera with its excellent distant zoom feature. The cell phone camera doesn’t have nearly the zoom feature needed, nor the clarity when zooming. Perhaps Thursday or Friday, after this next round of heavy rains and winds I’ll drive out that way again, this time with the Sony.

I am grateful to have seen the mountains this afternoon, and so very grateful to live in a place that has so much beauty!

Pictures below taken two weeks ago when visiting an elderly friend.

Wednesday Walk

Thank you to all who’ve shared the story and link to Jenjoyce Design and purchased her patterns! Every one sold will go to helping her rebuild her life after the wildfires destroyed everything. A few dollars might not seem like much but they can add up given the collective power of the fiber community!

Come walk with me this Wednesday!

Frosty cold air nipped my cheeks as I headed down the road to meet my neighbor for our morning walk. We were both bundled up with hats and scarfs. Until just over a week ago the temperatures were still balmy, the sun shining. Today frost covered the ground and the skies were grey with drifting clouds of assorted greys. There seemed to be the feel of snow in the air though it’s certainly not in the forecast for our lower elevation.

Walking up the hill we passed the place where Silent Dog lives. He’s always outside watching us as we walk past his ears alert, keenly following our progress. Not JG or I so much as her elegant Wolfhound. For the longest time we contemplated if he was part Basenji for he never made a sound. We always talk to him as he calmly waves his tail, regally seated on the ground. Dignified and self-contained.

Then a few weeks ago when he seemed to think we hadn’t acknowledged him properly, he gave one quick, sharp bark, stood up and walked a bit towards us.

Today Silent Dog wasn’t in his normal spot. Movement caught my eye. He had his head through slats of an open window, watching us. Isn’t he a handsome, intelligent looking dog?
On up the hill, a block beyond the church a splash of color drew my attention to a plant I’d never noticed before. On closer look I felt sad that I’d missed the display of flowers that it must have had earlier this year.
When we got to 7th St we decided to turn up that direction instead of continuing up the long, steep hill. Today, rugs hung out where the knitted blanket had been. Much to our delight a rocking chair was in the yard as though someone was so eager for the return of a loved one that they had to sit outside watching for that first glimpse.
The picture below was taken yesterday when we walked to the top of the hill to see the fresh snow across the way on the Cascade Mountains.

Not as Planned, But All’s Well

Where do the evenings go???

Looking forward to this post-supper evening I planned to:
Start a new knitting project
Finish spinning the last few grams of camel / silk fiber
(both activities while listening to a pod-cast)
Catch up on Facebook and Ravelry
Read for leisure
Read John 14 – 17 and pray before going to bed.
This single flower, blooming in a basket on our front porch, continues to bravely endure the dropping temperatures .

The handspan yarn first had to be wound into a ball.
Yarn and pattern didn’t work well together.
Sample frogged.
Search for a new idea commenced; spinning forsaken.

Side track:
If you have spun yarn this year with one of our spindles please join our Ravelry Jenkins YarnTools Forum, November Challenge. This month is all about making something with yarn spun this year on one of our spindles. (Any of Ed’s styles.) We’d love to have you join in the chatter and camaraderie. It’s a terrific way to accomplish one of those knitting/crocheting/weaving projects that you’ve been wanting to start.

Facebook and Revelry – accomplished.
Blogging happening.

Leisure reading has been nixed.

I’ll still get in some Bible reading and prayer
Praying happens anywhere, anytime. No need to be up to do that.

Some of my best praying, and thinking about spiritual matters, happen in the deep of night.
Sometimes I can scarcely wait to turn off the light
Crawl between the sheets, into the quiet, to talk to God.
To wait for the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Picture of a double rainbow taken late this afternoon right after a cloud-burst.
The colors of the lower rainbow were especially brilliant.
 Reminders of God’s faithfulness help me to quiet my scurrying pace.

November Musings

Postings have been woefully sparse this year. The calendar turns to November reminding me of the National Novel Writing Month, the practice of writing daily with the goal of completing a novel in one month.

Instead of a novel, my challenge is to write a post every day.

Oregon often has a stretch of beautiful weather in October. This year that stretch extended over almost the entire month with only a few days of rain. Perhaps the extraordinary dry Spring and Summer were responsible for the abundance of astonishing Autumn colors everywhere a person looked. The slant of sunlight deepens the tones, winds sweep the air bringing a clarity lacking during the heat of the summer.

Today I hosted the 1st Wednesday Spinning Group. We meet from 10 – 2 for spinning, chatter, and food. Soup prep and making muffins deleted my usual morning walk. After everyone left, things tidied and dishes washed (my hands are the dish washers) I felt too languid to walk. Periodically a soft rain shifted down reinforcing the desire to settle down inside. The rain has returned to Oregon.
With colder, fading to grey days ahead these pictures from yesterday’s walk are reminders of this brilliant Autumn.