A little knitting

Made a bit of headway on the mitts today. Yesterday I decided to start the second mitt when I reached the gusset increases while at the party. I didn’t think I’d get as much knitting done and hadn’t taken the pattern. Grabbing a round, straight handled spatula from my daughter’s counter I rewound the ball to free up the yarn end that was trapped in the middle.

I was too tired this afternoon / evening to accomplish much knitting. Only managed to complete the seven round chart of the pattern on the new one plus a couple of rounds of the gusset increases on the first one. It’s far enough along that once again it appears they still might be too big for my slender daughter’s arms.
(That mess of loose yarn going up the center? Keeping track of chart repeats.)
The yarn is my handspun from the Sept/Oct Yarn Tools Ravelry forum challenge.
Fiber: Picperfic  Wylie: 60% Polwarth, 20% Yak, 20% Mulberry Silk. Colourway: Doris 107 grams, approx. 150 yards

These colors have been speaking to my heart since I first saw the picture of the fibre on Picperfic’s website. If the fingerless mitts do end up too sloppy for my daughter I just might frog them and make a hat for myself.

Here’s a shot from last night’s birthday party. The three best friends were having a blast playing dress up. Little brothers wanted to be included.
The girl with the purple sweater is our granddaughter. 🙂 Such a cutie!