Wednesday Walk

Thank you to all who’ve shared the story and link to Jenjoyce Design and purchased her patterns! Every one sold will go to helping her rebuild her life after the wildfires destroyed everything. A few dollars might not seem like much but they can add up given the collective power of the fiber community!

Come walk with me this Wednesday!

Frosty cold air nipped my cheeks as I headed down the road to meet my neighbor for our morning walk. We were both bundled up with hats and scarfs. Until just over a week ago the temperatures were still balmy, the sun shining. Today frost covered the ground and the skies were grey with drifting clouds of assorted greys. There seemed to be the feel of snow in the air though it’s certainly not in the forecast for our lower elevation.

Walking up the hill we passed the place where Silent Dog lives. He’s always outside watching us as we walk past his ears alert, keenly following our progress. Not JG or I so much as her elegant Wolfhound. For the longest time we contemplated if he was part Basenji for he never made a sound. We always talk to him as he calmly waves his tail, regally seated on the ground. Dignified and self-contained.

Then a few weeks ago when he seemed to think we hadn’t acknowledged him properly, he gave one quick, sharp bark, stood up and walked a bit towards us.

Today Silent Dog wasn’t in his normal spot. Movement caught my eye. He had his head through slats of an open window, watching us. Isn’t he a handsome, intelligent looking dog?
On up the hill, a block beyond the church a splash of color drew my attention to a plant I’d never noticed before. On closer look I felt sad that I’d missed the display of flowers that it must have had earlier this year.
When we got to 7th St we decided to turn up that direction instead of continuing up the long, steep hill. Today, rugs hung out where the knitted blanket had been. Much to our delight a rocking chair was in the yard as though someone was so eager for the return of a loved one that they had to sit outside watching for that first glimpse.
The picture below was taken yesterday when we walked to the top of the hill to see the fresh snow across the way on the Cascade Mountains.