Mystery Blanket

One morning my walking partner and I were both low on energy so when we decided to turn off just before the road turns to gravel for the last long stretch of the uphill route we often take.

Coming to the last house before the road bends around a corner I suddenly stopped. A blanket airing out on the porch railing had caught my attention. The bright, cheerful colors called me to come closer.

As I approached astonishment and admiration grew. It drew me nearer. Was it really what it appeared to be?

The sun skimming around the side of the house cast a halo around it, dazzling me even more.

Throwing some caution to the wind I had to see it up close, never mind if someone inside was watching via a security camera!

Do you see those squares? The details? It had to be a hand knit blanket! In complete awe of this masterpiece I threw all caution to the wind and mounted the porch steps determined to ring the doorbell and get information. Had it been made by a resident knitter?

Aside from the monthly spinning group, and the Aurora Colony Handspinners Guild meetings in a different town it’s rare that I get together with other spinners or knitters. I’ve thought about trying to start a weekly or even bi-weekly knitting / spinning group here in town but have been reluctant at the idea of adding another weekly obligation to my schedule. I’d love a casual, local group that I didn’t have to be in charge of or anyone have the expectation that I’d always be there.

Two dogs ferociously barked behind the closed door. To no avail. The door stayed closed between us. I turned to admire the blanket, longing to hold it so I could really examine the stitches and patterns.
In the end I resisted out of respect for the people of the house. The blanket hasn’t been hung over the railing on the days that we’ve walked by since that late September day.

Someday I might feel bold enough to knock at the door again to have a chat about a knitted blanket that captured my admiration.