Spinning Autumn Colors

The beautiful autumn days have given way to the typical rains and cold of November.
(Yesterday’s sudden squall while the sun was still shining.)
Once again we’re burning wood for heat; Ed put plastic over the large living room window. (The size is relative, some of you would probably spit coffee on your computer if you saw it compared to your front room window).

The windows are the original, dating to ’78. Even though they’re double-paned enough years have passed and the Spring Break Quake of ’93 didn’t help with their having a strong wind-proof seal. One of these years we must replace them.

As the year winds down these final two months I’m aware that if I want to get any gifts made for Christmas I’d better get cracking! The monthly spinning challenges on the YarnTools forum in Revelry have been a great help in producing yarns for special gifts. (It’s not too late to take part in November’s challenge!)
Here’s my most recent completed yarn from the Sept/Oct challenge
I love the vibrant depth of these autumn colors! Fiber: Picperfic  Wylie: 60% Polwarth, 20% Yak, 20% Mulberry Silk. Colourway: Doris
Chain-plyed to keep the colors.
Go ahead, click on the link and check out the lovelies Marianne has to offer right now. Oh my goodness, there are a number that grab my attention…

I loved spinning this fiber, these colors. Not wanting to risk having them barber-pole or look muddy if the two singles didn’t match up well, I spun  two turtles (the name we call the resulting ball / cake of yarn spun by a Turkish spindle) then chain-plyed them into one long length.
Since I wanted to keep the same alignment and order of the roving and colors, I hand wound the singles of the second turtle into a ball. That put the the beginning part, which ends up inside the turtle, on the outside which was then spun/joined to the outside end of the yarn still on the first spindle.
I could have used a heavier Egret or a Swan which would have enabled me to spin all 107 grams of the singles with one spindle. I’ve spun that much on a spindle before but that much weight significantly slows down the spindle.
I’m so pleased to have achieved my goal of spinning singles that chain-plyed to a light worsted weight. 107 grams, ca 144 yards
The small neck scarf sample I knit up yesterday has been frogged. The pattern and colors fought for attention. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll peruse my patterns, and perhaps Revelry to see what would show off this yarn.