Not as Planned, But All’s Well

Where do the evenings go???

Looking forward to this post-supper evening I planned to:
Start a new knitting project
Finish spinning the last few grams of camel / silk fiber
(both activities while listening to a pod-cast)
Catch up on Facebook and Ravelry
Read for leisure
Read John 14 – 17 and pray before going to bed.
This single flower, blooming in a basket on our front porch, continues to bravely endure the dropping temperatures .

The handspan yarn first had to be wound into a ball.
Yarn and pattern didn’t work well together.
Sample frogged.
Search for a new idea commenced; spinning forsaken.

Side track:
If you have spun yarn this year with one of our spindles please join our Ravelry Jenkins YarnTools Forum, November Challenge. This month is all about making something with yarn spun this year on one of our spindles. (Any of Ed’s styles.) We’d love to have you join in the chatter and camaraderie. It’s a terrific way to accomplish one of those knitting/crocheting/weaving projects that you’ve been wanting to start.

Facebook and Revelry – accomplished.
Blogging happening.

Leisure reading has been nixed.

I’ll still get in some Bible reading and prayer
Praying happens anywhere, anytime. No need to be up to do that.

Some of my best praying, and thinking about spiritual matters, happen in the deep of night.
Sometimes I can scarcely wait to turn off the light
Crawl between the sheets, into the quiet, to talk to God.
To wait for the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Picture of a double rainbow taken late this afternoon right after a cloud-burst.
The colors of the lower rainbow were especially brilliant.
 Reminders of God’s faithfulness help me to quiet my scurrying pace.