The new resident

Just over a month ago our granddaughter fell in love with half-grown black cat. He sports a white bib, white toes, loud purr box, and a happy personality. Who could resist?

Shortly after they’d brought him home the house they’ve been renting for almost eight years was put on the market and sold in a few days. The new owners expect to take possession Nov 10th.

With much searching, networking, talking with realtors and tons of praying they were able to find an affordable place to rent. The fee for having an animal is $500, non-refundable. Being the cat people we are, we offered to give him a home. How could we resist such a beguiling cat?
At three, Ebo has ruled this house for all his life. He was not pleased when a potential usurper to his kingdom came into his house Saturday afternoon.

To make matters worse, this little black cat decided to claim the FORBIDDEN chair as his comfy spot. The chair Ebo was never allowed to grace. hssss
(thus the blanket for protection)

Growls and wide avoidance slowly gave way to curiosity at the black kitten who, in his happy state of mind, assumes every body likes him. By yesterday they were eating side by side. Today they’ve played numerous games of chasing each other up and down the hall and through the furniture, including the loom and great wheel. Buddies.

Our five year old granddaughter has a sense of humor. She named black kitty “Snowflake”.  His toes, of course!