November Musings

Postings have been woefully sparse this year. The calendar turns to November reminding me of the National Novel Writing Month, the practice of writing daily with the goal of completing a novel in one month.

Instead of a novel, my challenge is to write a post every day.

Oregon often has a stretch of beautiful weather in October. This year that stretch extended over almost the entire month with only a few days of rain. Perhaps the extraordinary dry Spring and Summer were responsible for the abundance of astonishing Autumn colors everywhere a person looked. The slant of sunlight deepens the tones, winds sweep the air bringing a clarity lacking during the heat of the summer.

Today I hosted the 1st Wednesday Spinning Group. We meet from 10 – 2 for spinning, chatter, and food. Soup prep and making muffins deleted my usual morning walk. After everyone left, things tidied and dishes washed (my hands are the dish washers) I felt too languid to walk. Periodically a soft rain shifted down reinforcing the desire to settle down inside. The rain has returned to Oregon.
With colder, fading to grey days ahead these pictures from yesterday’s walk are reminders of this brilliant Autumn.