These wonderful summer days are speeding too quickly along. During the past couple of years I’ve realized how passionately I love the summertime.

The warmth of the days followed by cool nights.
(On the whole the temps drop down into the 50sF with a few exceptions.)

Fresh air blowing in the windows.
Simple clothing with only an occasional light layering against the early morning cool.
An empty woodbox and a cold wood stove requiring no tending.

The sensual perfume of the short-lived catalpa blossoms that saturated the block for the past two weeks.

Fresh food from the garden, berries bushes and fruit trees. Almost every day since July 1st we’ve had a tomato from one of the plants in our garden.

Picking blueberries with daughter and granddaughter.

Simple foods. Raw, salads, stir-fries. An occasional session at the grill.

Sitting at the little red table in the back yard for an hour or two in the late afternoon studying, spinning, writing or working on a pattern.

Watching finches, chickadees, jays, sparrows, doves, hummingbirds and squirrels flitting around the feeders only yards away.

The long days of golden sunlight are noticeably shortening. Only three weeks ago the light lingered until 10pm, now deep dusk cloaks the scenery before 9:30.

Tomorrow our granddaughter will spend the day with us. We’ll go to the creek to play in the water and look for round, flat rocks to bring home and paint.

Knowing Papa, we’ll stroll over to the food cart mid-afternoon for thick, real ice cream milkshakes.

We want to make the most of the day with our little granddaughter. Explore, splash in water, create memories.

These languid, busy summer days are melting too quickly. I want to absorb each one slowly, fully.