A Sweater for Gus

So much for posting often in May. Here it is the last day in May but the first post.

Tomorrow is our grandson, Gus’s 9th birthday. He’s such a terrific, sweet kid that I really wanted to give him a knitted sweater – one he requested months ago. Remember the the EZ Child’s Surprise Jacket I posted about began for him in January? It didn’t happen.

Twelve inches along, just past a section of an elaborate designed striping with alternating colors in a pattern – not easy in garter – I finally admitted the orange and blue strips looked wrong for this sweater. It was ripped back to remove those colors, only 3″ from the beginning. Doggedly knitting it up to the point where the arms and shoulders are complete and it’s time to dive down the long stretch of garter stitching back and forth, I could no longer ignore the niggling feeling that it just wasn’t right. I have no idea what caused the disenchantment with the sweater, I really wanted to keep going so it’d be finished and mailed to him before winter was over. Instead it went into a long time-out.

Before heading to a Pastor’s Retreat at the coast in April I pulled the sweater out of the bag, took one look and stuffed it back in. Combing through boys’ cardigans in Ravelry I found a pattern, (petit) Marcel by Emilie Luis that I thought Gus would like, printed it out, grabbed a couple balls of the yarn and packed them for knitting time during the retreat.

The back and fronts are finished (clever design!) I’m only now working on the first arm but once again have had to do lots of tinking for various fiddly reasons.

I’m hopeful that once I’ve figured out how to neatly pick up the stitches and do the German Short Rows for the sleeve cap the rest of that sleeve and the next one will go relatively quick, then only the button band/ collar will be left to do.

The poor boy will outgrow the sweater before he’s even had a chance to wear it. Please tell me that a size 10 sweater will fit a 9 year old next winter!

Once again I can’t leave well enough alone with a pattern. Since Gus requested green and yellow I decided to put in some color work in this sweater. The ribbing at the bottom as well as the broken rib at the top are green knit, yellow purl.

Working on the broken rib on a shoulder.The bottom ribbing shows in the background below.
Gus should like this green and yellow sweater, someday in the not too distant future.

I hope your projects are working up much quicker than mine do!