Traveling East

After the Idaho family headed back home Ed and I moved into high-speed to be prepared for the two back to back shows in June: Palouse Fiber Festival in Moscow, ID followed immediately by Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene with only 2 days at home between the events to reorganize.

The Marketplace at the PFF was scheduled to be open Friday 1 pm – 8pm followed by a full day Saturday and until 2pm on Sunday. An extra day than two years ago. Preparations were made for the three-hour bast workshop I’d be teaching Saturday morning and Ed worked on the keynote speech he’d been asked to give Saturday evening. Those kinds of long days especially going into the evening, are exhausting for us so we drove over on Wednesday in order to have a day of down time and hanging out with our friend and host, Rachel.

The 8 hour drive eastward is fascinating. Watching the terrain change from the lush green farms and urban sprawl framed by the Coast Range and the Cascades Mountains through the ever captivating Columbia River Gorge to the completely different landscape east of the Cascades is something I’ll never tire of. The Gorge feeds the soul with beauty, unless it’s pouring rain with low visibility and the traffic on I-84 is heavy with tractor-trailer trucks. Then it can be extremely stressful.

Gorge was mysterious looking draped in clouds catching the early morning sun

shrouding the mountains dipping down to the river.

The monolith in the center of the picture is named Beacon Rock. It was a wonderful sight to weary pioneers who’d crossed the country by foot and wagons; a sign that they were almost at the end of the long Oregon Trail.dsc03261

Sudden blue skies, where air currents and sunshine had evaporated the clouds, announce the drier climate east of the Cascades.

The ridges across the river in Washington State change from heavily forested to windswept with trees mostly in the sheltered ravines.
Eventually we leave I-84 and head north a couple of hours then east again through the great swaths of wheat 
Rolling into Palouse country where farms nestle in folds of the undulating hills, 
the road snaking around, between.

The light and color ever shifting, moving across the rippling young stalks of grains.
Every bend brings a new view, yet the same.
An entrancing, expansive region full of beauty and bounty.
Thankful today for so much varied beauty in this world!