Day before Thanksgiving

Rolls and a pecan pie are cooling on the table. The list of dishes and a timetable for when each one needs to be started is clipped to the fridge. The turkey is about all thawed out and will be put into the oven early in the morning.

An unplanned trip to Salem to pick up a new lens for my glasses, necessitating an hour’s wait while they were fitted to my frames took a huge bite out of a carefully planned day. When Ed and I picked up our new glasses a couple weeks ago it wasn’t until we were driving home that I discovered the vision in my right eye wasn’t nearly as clear of that of the left eye. I took them back last week when we were in town and was told they probably wouldn’t be ready until after Thanksgiving.

Yesterday afternoon I had to take Ebo in to the vet to get checked and shots. Another unplanned excursion which we’d planned to take care of next week but he’s had the runs for several days. The vet gave him a dose of worm medication as well as his first vaccination and set us home with some probiotics to help his gut.

So, I’m not nearly as far along with editing spindle pictures and uploading them to the webstore to be scheduled for appearing on Friday and Saturday. That task was supposed to be finished by mid-afternoon today so I could concentrate on fixing Thanksgiving Dinner and then relaxing with family tomorrow. Now I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to them. I know it’ll all work out in the long run.

For the most part I am feeling thankful for all our blessings, and I’m looking forward to having our daughter’s family come for dinner tomorrow.

Unfortunately by mid-afternoon my throat started tightening and now it’s developed into a full-blown sore throat, along with a very stuffy head.

Heading to bed now and hoping for a good night’s sleep that will have me waking up at 5am feeling much better.

I very thankful for the snow that’s been falling on the mountains! To the left is Mt St Helens, Mt Rainer is in the far distance towards the right.


Zooming in across the miles for a closer glimpse of grand Mt Rainer in the glow of the early morning sun.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! If you live where it’s not observed,  it’s still good to be thankful!


Author: Wanda J

I never dreamed my life would be entangled with fiber and the tools used to produce fibery items. When I bought a boat shuttle used in weaving Ed looked at it, decided to make a better one and the rest is history. For a decade he made shuttles, crochet hooks, knitting needles, until his spindles became so popular that he had to devote his time to making them, as well as Walking Wheels. Free time is spent reading, trying to coax food from the ground, and playing in the creek near our place. I love long walks and camping far from crowds. Playing a fiddle beside a stream or with good friends brings sweetness to my soul. Sundays are set aside for worshiping God with our small Quaker meeting.

7 thoughts on “Day before Thanksgiving”

  1. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow and that Thanksgiving is filled with much joy, laughter and love. You are so right, we have so much to be thankful for!!

  2. Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, it gives me a positivity to think about the things of which I am thankful….hope you get done all that you need to. I have had your style of oatmeal for my breakfast all week! I’m very thankful for that recipe of yours xoxo

    1. Being mindfully thankful is a good practice, no matter where we live. 🙂

      I’m delighted that you’ve been eating the oatmeal. There’s something about the way that toasted goodness can be changed with different additions that it doesn’t get boring and is stick to the ribs satisfying.

      On Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 1:48 AM, Fiberjoy wrote:


  3. I agree with you in that we have a lot to be thankful for and I hope you and yours have a wonderful time together and that you are feeling so much better. Our mountains are not nearly as grand or big but like yours are covered in snow atm .
    I have to say how much I’ve enjoyed revisiting your blog after so long ; I’ve not read anyone’s blog in years but it was good so maybe I will reopen mine.. xxx

    1. I hope you will start blogging again! I loved reading about and seeing your fabulous spinning and weaving. Please be sure to leave a comment on my blog when you’ve reopened it.

      On Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 3:05 AM, Fiberjoy wrote:


  4. I love seeing how different your perspective of the mountains is from mine! We can barely see the tip of Rainier from the end of our lane, and in entirely different relationship to Mt. St. Helens. Oh, I DO hope you feel better by now; no fun to be sick when you have so much to do and family coming. My co-worker’s husband fell off a ladder which resulted in a compound fracture to his arm Wednesday; she scurried off to be with him through surgery and recovery, still planning to cook for the 14 family members coming to her house for Thanksgiving! I was thankful to only be contributing to the lovely Thanksgiving potluck at our church, and helping clean up afterwards (and of course so much more).

    1. I love watching how the angles and interplay of the mountains peaks range change, even during a short drive.

      It’s great your church can pull off the Thanksgiving potluck!! Our church has its Thanksgiving potluck the Sunday before – thus two big Thanksgiving meals. We tried it for two years but too many people have long-standing family traditions and were disappointed not to be able to participate.

      On Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 9:26 AM, Fiberjoy wrote:


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