111,000 on 11/11 means a drawing!

Hold the presses! I’m stoked enough to switch horses from what I’d planned to post.

As of 8:20 this evening the stats show 85 hits short of 111,000 on this blog. Wouldn’t it be a fun coincidence to hit 111,000 on 11/11?
In my book it’s close enough to call for a celebration. How about a spindle drawing?

This last minute change of plans means I don’t have a picture of a spindle. Crazy as it might seem, office work stays on the office computer, personal stuff gets done on my laptop in the living room. Doing otherwise has created chaos in the past.

So, here’s the deal:
Leave a comment on the type of spindle you’d love to have: Aegean, Delight, et el. and your preference as to darker or lighter toned woods. If you’re not familiar with Jenkins spindles take a look at the spindle comparison page at our YarnTools website to see the different styles Ed has created then come back and leave a comment.

Each commenter will be assigned a number according to order of comments, the number will be put into an online Random Number Generator for the drawing.  Some comments will need to be approved before they show up, which I’ll do when I have the time and opportunity. These “hidden” ones waiting for approval will affect the numbering of the comments. I’m able to keep track of their order from this end.

Comments must be made only on this post to be counted.
Deadline to comment is Friday the 13th of November by 8:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time.
The Drawing will take place Saturday morning, time to be announced.

The person with the winning number will win a spindle from what we have in stock.

Spindles are great for taking your spinning everywhere, even fishing!


Author: Wanda J

I never dreamed my life would be entangled with fiber and the tools used to produce fibery items. When I bought a boat shuttle used in weaving Ed looked at it, decided to make a better one and the rest is history. For a decade he made shuttles, crochet hooks, knitting needles, until his spindles became so popular that he had to devote his time to making them, as well as Walking Wheels. Free time is spent reading, trying to coax food from the ground, and playing in the creek near our place. I love long walks and camping far from crowds. Playing a fiddle beside a stream or with good friends brings sweetness to my soul. Sundays are set aside for worshiping God with our small Quaker meeting.

34 thoughts on “111,000 on 11/11 means a drawing!”

  1. I love the Standards (Swans) but I’d also love an Aegean – all your spindles are lovely but Cherry or a darker wood is my preference

  2. I always love your blog posts Wanda!

    And you know how much I love spindles!

    So my entry will be a Lark in any shade!

  3. I have my lovely flock of spindles, and am fine with those, but certainly want to get the count up on 11/11!

  4. What great fun! I hope you have a blast with this drawing and reading all the fun comments! Me…a lark in a lighter shade would be wonderful! And congrats on having so many hits on your blog! I always enjoy reading what you share.

  5. I have been trying to score a Jenkins spindle for months now and keep missing out! Someday I would love to have a collection containing each and every style in a wide variety of colors — the variegated colors are my absolute favorites. If I had a choice of any right now I would probably start with a Swan because they are so versatile, in a light colored wood which I find uplifting and happy, making my heart want to sing. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the drawing!

  6. Wanda,
    It is just great that you are posting everyday I just love to see and read about all the things you make. Since I am a very, very novice spinner I guess a Swan would be a good choice for me, my favorite wood is black walnut or maybe a dark cherry. Winning would be a blessing as at this point I can only window shop Ed’s great work.

  7. Wanda,

    I love the Agean and lighter would be wonderful.
    Congratulations on the success of your wonderful blog.
    Blessings to you both.

  8. I simply had to comment on this wonderful post!

    If I could choose one of your spindles then I’d love one of the Delights in a darker wood

    Good luck everyone!

  9. so exciting! I just finished the sample that came with my new Lark and it was a wonderful spin… I would love any spindle! But maybe a Finch in lighter wood…

  10. I’d love to add a Delight to my small Jenkins collection… I like lighter toned woods, maybe with some markings to give character 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful 11th!

  11. What a lovely idea, thanks! Your spindles are just beautiful.

    I would love either a Finch that is 12-13 grams or an Aegean that is 21-25 grams. All of the woods are lovely, so I have no preference as to the kind of wood.

    Good luck to all.

  12. I *love* that you are really spinning everywhere, Wanda! I have to get past my fear of making a mess of it (and of ruining my spindle by dropping it on concrete or something), and just give it a try… That’d help me get so much more practice in!
    Also, congratulations on all the years of blogging that got you to 111,000 pages viewed! That’s certainly worthy of celebration – and very generous of you to celebrate by offering us a chance at winning one of your lovely spindles. Thank you!
    I’ve long been dreaming of spinning on a Lark; it’s so beautiful, and I think it’d be perfect for me. I’ve always tended to gravitate towards lighter toned woods, but lately I’ve found myself loving some of the darker ones, so really, I’d be happy with either one!

  13. That’s a lot of hits – and much generosity on your part! I would love another Lark; it was the first Jenkins I fell in love with, and still the most beautiful in form in my humble opinion. My dream wood is lilac, but ANYthing with lots of grain/variation would be loverly.

  14. Wanda and Ed,

    What a cool compliment to the quality of your work and your customer service – 111,000 times people have chosen to view your website!

    I would enjoy a Swan in light to medium wood color. I enjoy textured grains ala Birdseye Maples.

    I look forward to seeing you at more shows.

  15. I didn’t read this until 11/12, but did you make it to 111,000 yesterday?
    I love my Turkish Delight and I’ve never actually spun on my Kuchulu (got it at Sock Summit 2011, couldn’t resist the cuteness), but I’d love an Aegean in a light wood to go in my collection of beautiful tools. Thanks for the drawing!

  16. Hope you made your 111,000 for the 11th! I would love an Aegean in the mesquite. I come from Arizona and mesquite grows all over down there. The Swan would be nice too as I am a beginning spindler. I like darker woods with lots of figuring. I like it that you use a lot of US grown woods.

  17. Congratulations! I have a little Kuchulu so would love something in the Lark size. It’s so fun to show people the Turkish drop spindles. Yours are fabulous in workmanship.

  18. I am totally new to your blog, happy “anniversary”! And I have a dream to start spinning and not only knitting…. Would love whatever type! Greetings from Norway, Hege ☺

  19. Turkish spindles are so lovely, a beautiful blending of form and function!
    I’d love a delight in dark wood.

  20. Oh I love them all, but the red heart delight is calling my name! But any wood would be lovely. Such beautiful craftsmanship.

  21. I just happened upon your blog and what luck. I have one of your purple heart square shaped top whorl spindle. I was one of the many coveting a Jenkins Turkish spindle at OFFF in September.
    If I could have any Jenkin’s Turkish spindle, it would be light-colored wood (maybe even purple heart wood). The Egret would be cool, but it’s hard to pick one as my favorite spindle. I think I remembered one with a hummingbird added. If I’m lucky enough to win, my friend Donna, who first introduced me to Jenkin’s Spindles, will be jealous 😏

    Thanks for doing this drawing.


  22. Any spindle would be fabulous – but dark wood makes the light fiber easier to see for older eyes. Being newly retired I just can’t justify starting a “long-desired” new hobby of spinning – – – but if I won a spindle?! . . . . .

    Salam wa sa’aadah Linda

  23. All of your spindles are lovely. I’ve spun a couple of times on a spindle, but haven’t owned one yet. I’m sure it would send me down yet another path of fibery goodness. Thanks! Yvonne

  24. It’s so nice to see more of your posts again (from spinning to scenery to kitten paws), and the drawing is added fun! I have a little Kuchulu that I enjoy for controlled travel and would love to try an Aegan. Your figured grain spindles are the loveliest to me, regardless of shade, but if I really had to choose, it would be dark. Congratulations on your 111,000!

  25. Have enjoyed your November posts and glad to see a new polydactyl kitten in the house. Can’t wait to learn his name!

    If my number comes up, an Egret spindle in any wood would be amazing.

  26. What a nice idea! I’d love to add another Lark to my collection. No preference for wood color. Your kitty is adorable. I have a polydactyl cat and they are pretty amazing.

    1. The drawing a spindle closed at 8pm Friday evening.
      I hope you’re able to try one of our Turkish spindles someday. You’re welcome to stalk the https://Yarntools . com store for updates. There will be Larks added to the store by Wednesday, the 18th with more to follow later in the week.

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