Heavy rains rolled in on gusts of wind this week but I still managed to do a bit of walking. Sort of. More like baby steps.

2013 started off with a string of sunny days and frosty ground. A wonderful reprieve from the seemingly endless rainy greys of December. It was wonderful to get out and walk almost daily last week.  Across the bridge,

Past a farm where young alfalfa shrugged off the frost in the sunlight.


Pampas grasses glowing in the early morning light caught my eye.



I’d planned to walk with the friend again Sunday afternoon before the coming rains descended but felt miserable again with all the symptoms of the cold that had threatened on New Years Eve: headache, stuffy nose, sore throat and tight chest. Drinking a cup of hot water with a spoonful of local honey and cinnamon first thing in the morning and continuing throughout the day (sometimes in steeped tea) seems to help.

Ed brought something into the house that cheered me immensely. Something that had been in the plans for months which he started working towards during the autumn months. But first he had to prepare his shop, make some forms and jigs and carve out time. Last week he devoted plenty of time to the making.
062Becoming acquainted


056No need to rush055
Baby steps will bring


New rhythms


The dance will come.003

Sunday afternoon I watched a number of youtube videos of people using a Great Wheel, also known as a Walking Wheel. A couple of favorites: Riverrim – Cynthia makes it look so easy and graceful; and LadyLilith who seems almost nonchalant in her ease; Frazzlehead for showing the spinning from the fold technique.

I’ll be writing about some of the making process details on our yarntools.com blog within the next few days but I wanted my faithful blog readers to be the first to know about Ed’s latest, and greatest :0 spinning tool.