On the Home Front

Rain is bucketing down and the temperatures never climbed above low 60s today. A good day to stick a roast in the oven and let it take the chill off the house. My mom cooked the best roast dinners when I was growing up. Every year we raised a locker steer that filled our freezer with good meat for the following year. With four hungry kids growing up on a small farm this was an affordable way to have good meat. Growing up I never considered that we might be considered poor by many standards but looking back I know that money must have been tight at times.

On days like today, with a roast in the oven, potatoes boiling to be mashed, home grown and preserved green beans simmering on the back burner a sense of well-being and contentment filtered through the house. For the most part Ed and I like eating simply; a one dish meal is often the most satisfying for both of us. I’m fortunate – Ed’s an easy keeper! That man can get by on one meal a day with a handful of nuts to sustain him while working all day in the shop. But sometimes a full dinner is satisfying physically and emotionally.

We’re gearing up for Black Sheep Gathering. It almost makes me dizzy to think that it’s just around the corner. This next weekend is the annual Sister’s getaway that my three friends and I have taken the past half dozen years, or so.  While I’m very much looking forward to getting away for a long weekend and spending time with dear friends it’s rather daunting to contemplate being gone when there’s much that I’d like to accomplish in the next few weeks.

I’ll try to put all those tasks from my mind and take this opportunity to rest and try to do some much needed recuperating, and some spinning, and enjoy the companionship. I hope to start a new sweater for Violet, or perhaps some red socks for myself.

After three attempts at knitting socks for Violet and designing my own baby sock pattern, I gave up with the fancy stitches and knit a 2×2 ribbing that fits her feet with a bit of room to grow. This girl will not keep socks on her feet. Awake she’s in constant motion waving her legs and arms and stretching, her socks haven’t stayed on during those vigorous motions. I was hoping the 2×2 ribbing would help but it wasn’t long before they were flung from her little feet. Don’t be alarmed, she can snuggle quietly too.

One sock is peeking from under Aurora’s arm.
Next, it was impossible to get a picture without some blurring.

Though June has come in cold and rainy we had a very pleasant May which got the strawberries off to a good start. mmmm