Musical interlude

My heart is satisfied, music dances through my head. The strings ensemble I play violin with had our year end concert this afternoon. Over all it went quite well, and Ed captured most of the pieces on video. His favorite piece is being uploaded to YouTube as I write this. (It’s taking about 75 minutes to upload.)

Previous years Abiqua Strings was primarily made up of the students of a local violin teacher, Ann.  Last fall Ann decided to completely retire from teaching violin lessons but she continued with the Abiqua Strings.  She invited several of her students to continue with the group as well as several adults. We ended up being a group of 7 adults, all had been playing strings since they were kids. Except for me – I took up the violin in my mid-late thirties.

What a good challenge it has been. The other second violinist is the music teacher at the middle school with violin having been his major. I feel very anchored playing next to him with his solid, confident bow strokes.  With two first violins, two seconds, two violas and a cello we have a nicely balanced sound. We practiced for 90 minutes every other week, really not enough time to work out that tight, everyone-playing-as-one sound that comes mostly from hours and hours of playing together, honing the music as one unit. Still, I’m so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to make music with others!

What a fun program we played today! I know a number of my readers are musicians so here’s the playlist:

Telemann’s Sonata for 2 Violins – IV movement: Allegro, Andante, Presto
Greig’s Holberg Suite: Allegro, Sarabanda, Rigadaun
Medley of 3 Scandinavian folk tunes: Ark Varmland, Walking Tune, Ringnessen
Simple Gifts  – Ed’s favorite one
Medley of 3 folk tunes: Red River Valley, Red Wing, Red Haired Boy

I don’t have the video upgrade for this blog , please click on the Simple Gifts link to listen.

After a time of playing with other good musicians it makes me want to concentrate even more on the violin. I hope that this group continues together next year. As adults with busy lives there are times it’s very hard to make the commitment to this type of group.

Much has been happening here the past couple of weeks that I’d like to post. Guess I need to post more often!

Meantime, one hour in the evenings have been devoted to reading “Distant Hours” by Kate Morton, which I finished yesterday. I’ve been listening to Silas Marner on Librivox whilst spinning some scrumptious PicPerFic roving and now I’ve hit a dilemma: to ply together or order more of hree colourway/fibers so I can keep each of these lovely colours as a unit rather blending them into a 3-ply yarn which is what I originally set out to make. As I finished the last bobbin the idea of weaving a shirt with these slowly took root in my mind. Almost clinching the thought was when my daughter stopped by with Violet and saw the three bobbins laying together. Immediately smitten she grabbed them up and asked what I planned to make with them. She thinks they should be kept separate. It was hard to capture the true colours of each of these so here’s another view, different lighting, different arrangement which shows the true color of the lightest pink (middle below) the bobbin with the purple/blue is more like in the picture above.Left to Right: Polwarth and Silk, Polwarth and Baby Alpaca, Polwarth. I’ll 3-ply a few yards of them together in the morning to see how they look co-mingled.

Enjoy the music!