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Whew, Black Sheep Gathering was an exhausting blast! From the moment the doors opened Friday morning we were kept on our toes. A big thanks to Woodland Woolworks who shared the section of their booth which faced the front doors. The days sped past in a blur of faces, names and showing how to use Turkish spindles. (Sadly it is a blur. I wish I could remember people’s names and faces and that I’d been more aware of the bigger picture. When playing high school basketball I marveled at my best friend’s “court sense”. Her scope of perception of everything happening: where the ball was, how each player was moving and a sense of what was about to happen, made me realize that I was a very myopic player – only able to focus on the small peripheral. With few exceptions I’ve never been able to sharpen my awareness to include details in wider surroundings.)

My niece who lives in Eugene stopped by and ended up hanging out until almost closing. She even learned how to spin, mostly by observing as we demonstrated to people over and over. 🙂 Here she is with her first small ball of spun and plyed yarn.

The day sped by so quickly that we scarcely took a moment for nourishment until midafternoon when I was staggered to realized how late it’d gotten. By the time we packed up for the evening my voice was practically gone.  We spent a pleasant dinner time with Jim and Pam of Herndon Creek Farms, also vendors at BSG. Saturday we paid more attention to eating occasional handfuls of almonds or some dried fruit, a bagel with cream cheese and getting enough water.

Charlotte of Superior Fibers stopped by several times, first to test a kuchulu to see if it would give her messed up shoulder any problems, then to chat and update us on her progress. It would have been wonderful if we could have just wandered off to some corner to chat and spin together. She took right to spinning alpaca on her kuchulu without problems from her shoulder.

Around mid-morning Sunday there was a bit of a lull so I grabbed the camera for a quick walk about and stopped to watch a shetland sheep class. This boy was not only super cute and charming but the condition of his sheep’s fleece impressed the judge enough to win first place.

I chatted with a few vendors, bought some roving to send with spindles (No, not for myself! There’s plenty enough begging to be spun.) before scurrying back to our table where it appeared that Ed had learned well my spinning spiel of the past couple days. He was deftly demonstrating how to spin! 🙂

A regular spinning party going on!

Woodland Woolworks were fantastic booth mates! We hope they’ll be willing to let us have this arrangement with them again next year – except, with more advanced notice. Or perhaps I’ll have to stash away a few spindles from time to time against the next show.

Remember the singles on the spindle in the last post? Finished. ca 200 yards 3-ply, Schoppel Wolle -Merino. I haven’t decided yet what to make my d-i-l: handwarmers, neckwarmer/small scarf or a hat.

I have been spinning, and spinning and spinning. Finished up one project that took a year to complete. Well, most of that time it was tucked out of sight. Almost finished the singles from another Limegreenjelly roving for a special project. I’m at the point where I can hardly wait to start plying and move onto the next spinning project.  I seriously contemplated joining Tour de Fleece for a 4th year in a row but this morning decided it would be fool-hardy. With so much on my plate these past six weeks I haven’t dropped by Ravelry very often, mostly to keep my International Moleskine Exchange group updated. One of these day there will be a block of time alloted to catch up with all the other forums that I’ve sadly neglected. In the meantime there’s knitting and a garden and a fleece begging for attention.

The other adventures in June were a rodeo get-away, and my dear friend from high school days stopping by for a visit. More on those next time.


Author: Wanda J

I never dreamed my life would be entangled with fiber and the tools used to produce fibery items. When I bought a boat shuttle used in weaving Ed looked at it, decided to make a better one and the rest is history. For a decade he made shuttles, crochet hooks, knitting needles, until his spindles became so popular that he had to devote his time to making them, as well as Walking Wheels. Free time is spent reading, trying to coax food from the ground, and playing in the creek near our place. I love long walks and camping far from crowds. Playing a fiddle beside a stream or with good friends brings sweetness to my soul. Sundays are set aside for worshiping God with our small Quaker meeting.

8 thoughts on “News from BSG”

  1. I was wondering if you’d be coming along on the Tour de Fleece, dearest Wanda, but I think you’re right. You have more than enough to keep you going at the moment! Wish, oh I do wish I could have been at the show. Next year maybe.

    Love to you and yours from south west Ireland.

  2. Oh how I wish that I had gotten to come down and say hi! Yay to Ed for learning to spin 😉 And how fabulous that you have paired with Woodland Woolworks – they are great folks, and a perfect location for you.
    I hope to see you at OFFF this year.

  3. That picture of Ed spinning is great! It sounds like it was a wonderful weekend!

    I was in Oregon a couple of weeks ago, and I thought of you. Next time I go, I’ll see if I can manage to pay you a visit!

  4. Whew! That sounds like a wonderfully busy weekend — I love the picture of Ed! I know what you mean about the Tour de Fleece; I decided that this year discretion was the better part of valor — I’ll spin when I can, and feel no guilt when I can’t 🙂 Love that skein of yarn!

  5. Well, I didn’t make it to BSG this year…too many fiber things going, but really enjoyed your photos and made it seemed a lot more close.
    Nice blue yarn! Woo hoo!
    Stay cool!

  6. I didn’t realize you read my blog sometimes! I was planning to test-drive one of Jim’s (Herndon Creek) e-spinners, but with all the recent sad happenings in his family he wasn’t able to get any ready to bring. I saw the Turkish spindles at his booth; were those yours, too? I did test drive a Hanson e-spinner and fell in love, but those are WAY out of my price range. So once I realized the beauty of the Turkish spindle, I thought maybe I’d spend my small wad on one of those. Will connect with a Jensen spindle somewhere soon!

  7. Here you are! :^) sadly it’s taken me 3 days to get a quiet few minutes to sit down and have a proper read of what you’ve been up to (I’m looking forward to hearing about the rodeo too ;^)
    What a fun time and love the photo of Ed spinning! Your bluesy wool handspun is Beautiful!
    The photo of the little guy and his little black shetland tickled me, what a fluffy little sheep! Bravo to him and his sheep for winning 1st place! xox

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