It feels as though a heavy weight was removed from my shoulders today. Tax bookwork was finally finished and the numerous forms filled and printed. The checks will be written and mailed with the forms tomorrow. I wanted to do a happy dance when the last form was printed this morning but there was a long list of orders waiting to be mailed. Made it through less than half the orders before it was time to dash over to the PO before the window closed. Tomorrow I’ll get the rest packed and perhaps the next group of Delights photographed and on the website. Then it’s on to introducing Ed’s newest creation. 🙂

The 800 yard Race is finished. The last gram of Love For Sale Limegreenjelly roving was spun on Sunday the 28th, immediately set forth rolling two singles together onto one tp roll to expedite the plying process.

Monday afternoon our son JJ and his family arrived from Idaho. It was wonderful to see them and the grandkids again! Our daughter Aurora and her family joined us for dinner that evening. It wasn’t long after dinner before they all headed out the door, the Idaho family going to stay with Mandy’s mom for the week.

Winding the first few yards of plyed yarn onto the Turkish spindle I knew there was just no way I could finish plying it all by April 1st so I set up the wheel and stepped on the treadles.

Homemade chicken soup and a heart bread were made on Wednesday before settling down that evening and plying until the last bit was finished. Oh it felt great to accomplish the goal before the deadline! It took a long time to wind it all off onto the niddy noddy counting and tying every 50 groups. Any guesses?

513 wraps on my 76″ circumference niddy-noddy = 1083 yards of 2ply yarn from 98 grams of fiber! It’s soft and squishy. I have no clue what to make with it.

Tuesday the 30th we met JJ, Mandy and all her family at the bowling alley to celebrate her brother’s 25 birthday. It’d been 8 – 10 years since I’d bowled. The grandkids even got in on some of the action.

Was that a strike?

Do you see that yellow ball? Good job Wesley!  (With help from momma)

Much to my astonishment I scored my personal best, 146 points. Must have been all the spindling action over the past couple months made my arms strong. 😉

What else did we do with the grandkids? You’ll have to check out Walk With Me Wednesday, coming up this week. Until then, here’s a sneak preview.