More Videos, More WIPS

I’ve posted two more videos: One of Ed making a Turkish Spindle shaft. It’s a silent film. For some reason the sound didn’t record and I still haven’t figured out how to add sound while editing. The second shows the setup of a hairpin loom and the start of making a strip.

Works in Progress?
How about some socks?

Sock Pattern: Brigid

Yarn: Ball and Skein Sock Yarn: Mountain Spring
75% merino / 25% nylon
450 yd. skein … 4 ply
Needles: DPN Brittany US3
The second sock leg part is almost done, the cables seem to make the rounds go by quickly. This is a wonderful introduction to knitting cables.

Want a quick gift idea? Hairpin lace bracelets. Fast and fun.

The first one was for an exchange. To personalize it even more I used some of my handspun silk. The clasp part still needs some refining, at this point I’m just crocheting a knotty ball.

Next I made one for myself with linen thread.

Hairpin Linen Bracelet

I could get addicted.

Linen warp was put on the loom last Thursday. We had Faith on Friday and she spent the night with us not much was accomplished those days but I’m hoping to make decent headway on the my first block rug. I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around new concepts for tying up and block weaving.
Linen rug warp
Faith’s little brother was due to make his appearance last Tuesday, May 20th. He’s taking his merry time. I’ve been taking the phone to our bedroom at night, just in case. Faith will be staying with us while Mandy’s at the hospital. Any bets on when he’ll make his appearance?

Author: Wanda J

I never dreamed my life would be entangled with fiber and the tools used to produce fibery items. When I bought a boat shuttle used in weaving Ed looked at it, decided to make a better one and the rest is history. For a decade he made shuttles, crochet hooks, knitting needles, until his spindles became so popular that he had to devote his time to making them, as well as Walking Wheels. Free time is spent reading, trying to coax food from the ground, and playing in the creek near our place. I love long walks and camping far from crowds. Playing a fiddle beside a stream or with good friends brings sweetness to my soul. Sundays are set aside for worshiping God with our small Quaker meeting.

7 thoughts on “More Videos, More WIPS”

  1. Wanda, your bracelets are so very pretty! Has me wishing I could wear jewelry! The linen one especially looks lovely on your wrist.

    ack… weaving looms… good luck with that new stuff :^)

    Hmmm, when will Faith’s little brother make his grand debut? I’m going to say the 28th of May.

    Love the photo of kitty and Brigid, what gorgeous eyes! (they nearly match the sock!)

  2. Hey you’ve told us the yarn and the pattern but not the CAT! Name please.

    Faith must be having the loveliest time. Hope all goes well for the arrival of her little brother (wouldn’t you know he’d be late? Men!)

  3. When you least expect it — isn’t that how babies work? 😉 The bracelets are lovely! What a great gift idea. I’ll be keeping an eye out for some good news from you — have fun with Faith, and give my good labor thoughts to Mandy.

  4. love the bracelets! I love the special time when these babies make their appearances…enjoy the quiet for it will get crazy any second!

  5. Love the bracelets and the sock, my ‘Swirls’ are finished and waiting for photos! Can’t wait for the little man’s appearance, is he here yet? Neo was 2 weeks late!

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