Silk Bookmarks

Rain is pounding against the house with gust of wind occasionally giving it a good shake. I’m behind in all preparations for Christmas, but before any more time slides past I wanted to show you what I’ve been spending bits of spare time making.

Spinning silk for bookmarks.
After it’s spun and plyed the fine yarn is crocheted into bookmarks.

silk-bookmark.jpgIt takes about 5 yards per bookmark and a couple of seed beads. Not counting the spinning it takes less than 30 minutes to make one. I first saw one of these bookmarks at PoMoGo‘s blog in September, which linked to the pattern at Crochet Me, and thought what a great stocking stuffer they would make.
A small collection has now gathered, with some already in the mail to family. For a few brief days I entertained the idea of decorating the trees with a dozen or so but haven’t managed to get in enough spinning time. Instead, it’d be fun to make felted ornaments using Lene’s Dec 18th directions for her bookmarks.

Faith is napping down the hall. She’s an unexpected gift today. When she wakes up we’ll try making some goodies. Having her here today has reminded me why I loved those precious years when my kids were between 14 months and 30months.
Days filled with wonder and joy.